Friday, March 16, 2012

More Sumo in Texas

How do these things keep happening? Is the universe converging?

It kind of reminds of when my sister in law and I wrote a screenplay about Elvis coming out of hiding and admitting he was really Deepthroat, and THEN, the true identity of the Watergate informant revealed himself. Weird.

Now, I write this fun book about a Texan who accidentally becomes a sumo wrestler, and kaboom! We get these exciting news stories about sumo happenings in Texas. What are the chances?

So, now I read this article, courtesy of my sister, a Houston dweller, although she did not attend this fundraising event as it was only for men. Shrug.

The sound of 960 pounds of naked human flesh colliding at full speed is not easily forgotten, falling somewhere between a violent slap and a cringe-inducing crunch.
Just ask any one of the tuxedoed guests at the third annual Men of Menil event who showed up to watch four elite Sumo wrestlers compete for several sweat-drenched hours at Richmond Hall Thursday night.
The gender-specific event has become a popular annual fundraiser for the Menil, one that has the playful feel of a silver-haired boys club, if only for a single night. Organizers said it was the first time professional Japanese Sumo wrestlers have made an appearance in Texas.
Modeled after an antiquated male gathering known as a "smoker," Read More...

And you should read more because there are 30+ pictures of awesome sumo wrestlers in Texas!
Sumo wrestlers were featured at this years Men of Menil event Photo: Pete Holley / HC

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sumo at the Rodeo

So, this picture proves the whole premise of my book: that Texas and sumo CAN mix.
Japanese Sumo wrestler Takuji Noro who competes as "Noro" rides a mechanical bull during a tour of The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Wednesday, March 7, 2012, in Houston. Photo: James Nielsen, Chronicle / © 2011 Houston Chronicle