Sunday, December 12, 2010

All around the Kokugikan, National Sumo Arena, in Tokyo are these banners that hang and depict almost life-size pictures (drawings) of the top sumo wresters. There's an order to it, but I'm still finding out what that is. I wonder who draws those. They kind of remind me of the velvet Elvis paintings you used to see in the 1970s.

There's so much ceremony to the sport, it seems almost like a religion in itself. Take this pic from Life Magazine, for instance. I can almost smell the chamomile oil from here.
Getting their hair done is a ceremony. Walking into the ring is a ceremony. Retirement is a major ceremony. Every aspect seems to be ceremony. Quite fascinating. I think even when they get their portrait done to hang in the Kokugikan hall as champs must be a ceremony too.

I love finding fun things to look up, just when I'm in the mood to find out more about what it must feel like to be there. The latest thing I found is just to google "Kokugikan image" or "chonmage image" or "chanko nabe image." But not "rikishi image," since all that brings up is a creepy World Wrestling Federation guy.

Fun times, googling sumo stuff. Makes me want to go see it.

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