Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Bad News for Sumo

Well, today's news reported more bad headlines about sumo. It's been a rough year, what with the baseball-and-mafia betting scandal of last summer, Asashoryu's misdeeds and untimely retirement. Now, this: a bout-fixing scandal. And not just simple bout fixing. In fact, the scandal has the potential to reduce the ancient sport into nothing better than American television wrestling, play acting and show.

According to UPI news, text messages indicate that 13 sumo wrestlers were engaged in not just once but routine bout fixing. This revelation comes after years of suspicions, but now it's been confirmed thanks to the wonders of texting.

A photo like this...never happens. It's a bow of shame and apology.

I wonder what will happen next. Will there be a major housecleaning? If so, will it be sufficient to win back the trust of the fans? Or would even that be too little too late? Is sumo finished?

Very sad.

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  1. Kyodo news agency said some wrestlers routinely bought and sold their wins and losses for several hundred thousand yen per bout. They won't be charged with crimes, however, since there is no law against it, and there is no evidence of gambling. Isn't there a glaring case of right and wrong here, though?